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Best Domestic Airlines in Ghana to choose from

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What are the Best Domestic Airlines in Ghana to choose from?

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As we always say, traveling to another destination has become very easier than ever. One can choose from the various modes of transportation worldwide. In this article, what we will talk about is flight. Flight is the fastest mode of transportation around the globe. However, choosing an airline and its aircraft types to suit your liking is very important as there are differences that exist between aircraft.

The differences between these airlines and their aircraft types cannot be far from each other but they are important to be noted for proper travel customization.

Aircraft are typed into Narrow and Widebody which can be further categorized by their engine type. By engine type, we have Propeller and Jet engine.



Jet engine aircraft have their engine enclosed in a cylinder-like container and have a sound which is not much heard whilst the turboprop has a rotary or big fan just in front of the wings.

Now, let’s look at the difference that exists between these aircraft types.

Please note that Africa World Airlines uses Jet Engine whilst PassionAir uses Turbo Props.



Below are the points to consider when you want to know the Best Domestic Airlines in Ghana to choose from

  • Turbo Prop has a big fan in front of the wings which becomes almost invisible when started whilst the Jet engine has the engine built in a cylinder-like container.
  • The Turbo Prop makes a lot of loud noise when the engines are started. This noise easily penetrates into the cabin which sometimes causes discomfort whilst the jet engine makes a high treble noise and finds it difficult to penetrate into the cabin.
  • The air conditioning in most turboprops functions less causing much warm atmosphere in the cabin whilst the jet engine does otherwise.
  • The jet engine has a smooth cruising flight duration in the absence of turbulence and obstacles which makes the jet engine aircraft more preferable but the turboprops shake by nature and become a bit scary when there is turbulence and clouds.
  • Speed-wise, the jet engine runs faster than the turboprops. From experience, if it takes 30 minutes for a jet engine to complete a journey, turboprops will take 40 or 45 minutes to do so
  • The Turbo Props can cruise at a low altitude which makes it preferable and a good choice in the rainy seasons or foggy periods whilst the jet engine cruises higher.
  • The jet engine consumes more fuel which makes the fares for the jet engine aircraft more expensive than that of the turboprops.

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In conclusion, depending on the individual type, some will prefer the jet engine more than the turboprops and vice versa. Personal experience has thought me to fly with turboprops if I want to go adventurous or when we are in the rainy seasons and fly with jet engine aircraft when I’m showing signs of nervousness.

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