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Hike in fuel price has affected flight fares

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Hike in fuel price has affected flight fares.

Asime Ghana

In recent months, fuel prices have increased significantly which affects every individual in the country. Many including the well to-do got talking about this fuel hike. Commercial vehicle users cannot be left out. A mere Ghanaian is dying out of the price hikes on all commodities.

The hike was believed to be as a result of the riot between Russia and Ukraine. Almost every country has been affected in diverse ways.

Flight fares in Ghana has got it share of the fuel hike. It has become necessary for a fuel surcharge to be added to the various flight fares which has increased the fare. Some travelers have no idea until they realized the fares are expensive these days.



That is to say, a certain amount has been added to the final fare for each class of service/ticket a passenger is purchasing.

This hike has also contributed to the suspension of flights to Ho in the Volta Region operated by PassionAir as announced earlier.

We will keep you updated in a due course.

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Asime Ghana