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11 Best ways to secure a job at the Airport

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Best ways to secure a job at the Airport

Securing a job at an airport can be a rewarding opportunity, as airports offer a variety of roles ranging from customer service and security to technical and managerial positions. Other companies at the airport like Airlines, Restaurants, Security companies, cleaning companies, etc. also recruit to provide passenger service and experiences.

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Here are some steps you can take to prepare yourself for a job offer at an airport:


  1. Research the Industry

To venture into any industry, one needs to do vivid research into such an industry. This is not so different from that of aviation. To get a preferred job in aviation, one should try to understand the aviation industry, including the types of jobs available, the major employers, and the current trends. Knowing airport operations, the various terminologies and the roles of different agencies at the airport will be very beneficial.




  1. Identify the Roles.

To feel comfortable and happy in aviation just like any industry, you first of all need to determine which roles fit your skills and interests. Researchers have it that, an individual must follow his or her passion and interests. Airport jobs include baggage handlers, ticketing agents, flight attendants, pilots, air traffic controllers, security personnel, and various administrative positions.


  1. Gain Relevant Skills and Qualifications.

Depending on the role you’re interested in, you might need specific skills or certifications. For example:

Customer Service Positions may require qualifications in excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Security Roles may require a background check and specific security training.

Technical Positions need relevant technical qualifications and experience.


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  1. Obtain Necessary Certifications

Some positions may require specific certifications. For example, working in airport security might require a certification from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the USA or a relevant institution in your home country. So if you dream to work at the airport, and after identifying the roles you are interested in, gain the necessary certification from a genuine source.


  1. Prepare Your Resume and Cover Letter

Once you gain the necessary qualification and certification, tailor your resume and cover letter to highlight your relevant experience and skills for the job you are applying for. Emphasize any experience in customer service, security, or any other field relevant to the position.


  1. Practice Common Interview Questions

In every form of recruitment, there is an interview whether you like it or not. In that regards, prepare yourself by practicing common interview questions and how to answer them. Be ready to discuss your experience, how you handle stress, and work within a team as these will be inquired during the interview session. You may also be asked scenario-based questions that test how you would handle specific situations at an airport.


  1. Understand Security and Safety Protocols

The whole airport is a security restricted zone even though some parts are opened to the general public. Having a knowledge of airport security and safety protocols as a job applicant is advantageous. This shows potential employers that you have an idea of the security protocols and are committed to maintaining a safe environment.


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  1. Networking

Creating many friends from the industry is a plus to your achievements. These friends can and will always alert you should there be any form of jab vacancy at the airport. In addition, you can attend job fairs and connect with people who already work in the industry. LinkedIn and other professional networks can be great places to connect with airport personnel and learn about job openings.


  1. Apply for a Background Check

Majority of the airport jobs require a rigorous background check due to the sensitive nature of the work. Initiating this process yourself or being prepared for it can demonstrate your seriousness and readiness. But it is advisable to get employed first before you do as the security background checks report have an expiry timeline in many countries.


  1. Stay Updated on New Job Listings

Staying abreast with current job offers is recommended to every job seeker. So you may want to regularly check the websites of the airports and the airlines, as well as job boards like Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn for new job listings. Some local job boards, recruiters, and websites can also be of help in this case.


  1. Volunteer or Internship

If you’re very new to the industry, gaining experience through volunteering or internships at the airport can be very beneficial. This does not only enhance your resume but also gives you a practical insight into the workings and operations of an airport.

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In conclusion, an airport job seeker must do research to have more insight about the aviation industry, identify the available job roles, get the necessary qualification, prepare a matching resume and cover letter, prepare for the interview questions, have a security background checks done, apply for the available job offers, and attend the interview in confidence.

To gain an experience, you can opt to do internship or volunteer to work. These type of experience gaining provides a great insight and experience required to work at the airport. The most important of all is to get a genuine qualification and certification in the relevant roles at the airport.

By following these practical steps, you have a great chance to be employed at the airport.

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