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Approved ID Cards needed for check-in

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Before recent times, traveling on a flight requires only flight tickets which can be bought in advance or on the spot for travel. But now, it is important to submit any form of government-issued photo ID Cards to acquire your boarding card for the intended flight. What are the Approved ID cards for a flight Check-in?

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Why do you need to submit your ID?

As said earlier, only a flight ticket is needed to travel but it got to a time where this procedure was giving issues to the airlines. The airlines need to see and confirm your identity in order to be sure the presenter of the ticket is the bonafide owner and allowed to travel, and its duration.

This on the other end gives some kind of inconveniences to the domestic travelers but this process is worth it. Without it, some people may travel with other people’s flight tickets either by deliberate or otherwise. And if it is deliberate, what must motive that?. The aviation industry is more concerned with the general safety and security of the staff, passengers, facilities, and properties.

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Now, let’s look at

What kinds of IDs can be used for check-in

One can use the below-listed forms of IDs but not limited to

  1. Traveling/Citizenship Passport
  2. Driver’s License
  3. SSNIT Card
  4. National/Citizenship Card
  5. Voter’s ID card
  6. National Healthcare Card
  7. Non-Citizenship Card


1. Citizenship Passport

This form of identification is globally recognized and it’s widely used across the world. It allows you to confidently travel around provided you have other necessary documentations like visas (if applicable), permits, etc. If you need a Ghanaian passport as a citizen, contact us for assistance.

2. Driver’s License

The Driver’s License also enables you to travel domestically confidently. This form of ID also gives you the mandate to drive in the country of issuance. There are classes of the license which determine which type of vehicle you can drive.

3. Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) Cards.

This ID also is allowed to be used domestically. It identifies you as a citizen. It has a combination set of numbers that is used as a contributor for your retirement.

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4. National/Citizenship Cards

The National Cards almost works as the Citizenship Passport, but however, it cannot be used to travel to a different continent. It is basically used within a continent unless otherwise, it is reviewed.

5. Voter’s ID card

This card also enables one to cast a vote in a country of origin. And since you can use it as a citizen to exercise your responsibility, it enables you to travel domestically as well. It also has a set of numbers for identification purposes.

Last but not the least, Non-Citizenship Cards can also be accepted for domestic travels. This form of identification identifies a person as a non-citizen of the issuing country but legally residing in it for other purposes. This ID is basically used by only foreigners.

In conclusion, these IDs Cards and their acceptance vary from country to country and continent to another. But generally, these are the basic required IDs Cards that can facilitate one’s travel within a country.

Remember, without any of these IDs Cards, traveling by flight and movements in a country becomes a little bit difficult. If you don’t have any, apply for one now.

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