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What to do when flying for the first time

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Flying for the First Time

Traveling by air was initially meant for the elite in terms of flight fares and other purposes. But now, anyone at all can purchase a flight ticket to any destination of his/her choice via many platforms. These platforms include online, travel agencies, and third parties.

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Buying a flight ticket from the airline directly is highly recommended in the sense that, the airline sales agent will be able to read out the terms and conditions very well to your understanding however on the other side, you need to have all the ticket money before choosing such channel. Some travel agents on the other hand also provide excellent travel services to their customers. A good travel agent will also be able to elucidate the terms very well as well as what to do and what not to do as a first-time traveler.

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In this article, I’m going to explain vividly what you need to do or know and otherwise as a passenger on a flight, more importantly as a first-time traveler.

  1. Buy the ticket from a known source. More often than not, people buy a flight ticket from others that they don’t know whether they are genuine or not. There have been many cases where a passenger gets to the airport and then be told his/her ticket has not been purchased. This is so embarrassing, so in that sense, passengers or travelers should make sure to buy from a known source in order to have a reserved seat in confidence.
  2. Use of National Identity Card. Before you’re are checked in, your national photo ID card will be needed to complete your check-in process. So you need to always go to the airport with your valid national ID card.
  3. Get to the airport in time. As a minimum, the airlines start the check-in process in 2 hours and closes 30 or 40 minutes to your departure time. What that means is that, as a passenger, you need to be at the airport before 40 minutes to your departure time to be able to complete your check-in in time. if you go later than that, you have missed your flight in advance. Always, the ticket agent makes sure to indicate that on your ticket receipt. Constantly check to be informed if you forget things easily.
  4. Know the items of carriage. Even though the airlines are to transport you and your belongings to your destination per the ticket contract, not every items or article the airlines accept for transportation. For instance, you cannot take into the cabin any sharp objects like blades, a pair of scissors, pins, etc., and also liquids, aerosols, and gels with more than 100ml in volume. All those items must be kept in your checked-in bag which will be handled by the airline baggage staff. Others that are termed as DANGEROUS GOODS are forbidden on passenger aircraft.
  5. Secure your checked bag. The airlines are very particular about the security and safety of their passengers and properties but it cannot be 100% promised that your checked-in bag cannot be pilfered. So you must advise yourself to safely secure your bag with extra locks to avoid any item been stolen or falling off.
  6. Make sure to get your boarding pass as soon as you get to the airport. Having a flight ticket alone is not enough to board a flight unless it’s a chartered one. The boarding pass guarantees your boarding. So make sure to secure that before anything else.
  7. Get to the gate in time. At the airport, you’ll need to go through a security screening before you finally board the flight. After checking in, asked of the boarding time from the checking agent if you’re not told, so that you don’t miss the flight due to the gate closure. In addition, know the gate that you’re boarding through as that might cause you to miss your flight.
  8. Last but not least, be courteous and submissive. The airlines’ staff are actually working hard to make your flight a successful one and in the absence of your submissiveness, it will fail to work. So whenever possible, submit yourself to make your flight a successful one.

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