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What to do when you miss your flight

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What to do when you miss your flight. Many at times, people or passengers tend to miss their flight due to many reasons. No one will love to or intentionally miss his/her flight. But due to certain conditions, they do miss.

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The question one will asked is, is that all if I miss my flight? What happens to the money I paid? Can I take a refund for my money? Will I be scheduled on another flight? Etc. These are some of the questions passengers will probably be asking themselves or the airline staff.

In this article, I will show you what happens if you miss your flight.

The good news here is that, there are many options for you if you miss your flight to choose from but not limited refund, reschedule, etc. You will need to talk to your travel agent or the airline staff for an appropriate solution.

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What to do when you miss your flight.

If you miss any flight to your destination, the first thing you would want to do is to establish the class of your ticket. The flight tickets come in different classes hence the terms and conditions that governs them. In many cases, the airlines have fare classes like Promo, Regular, Semi-flexy, Flexy, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Comfort, Semi-comfort, etc.

After establishing the type of class of the ticket, establish also if it’s refundable or changeable. Some of the above listed ticket classes are non-refundable, and non-changeable whilst others are. You’ll know your status after confirming this.

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When the ticket falls under a class which can be refunded or scheduled, then you are good to go. You can contact your travel agent or the airline staff for further assistance.

Refund is when your money paid for the ticket is given back to you in full or part whilst reschedule is when you’re move to the next available flight for free or by bearing the applicable charges.

In conclusion, whenever you miss your flight, do not panic and say that’s all but you have options to choose from. Again, because of unforeseen circumstances, do not strictly go for a promo or restricted tickets unless you are very sure.


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