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What are the benefits of using a travel agent

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Part of Airline and Travel Services have now been outsourced to accredited travel agents across the world. However, getting a genuine travel agent to transact your business with has been a problem of the day due to the previous bad experiences some customers have had with some travel agents. In that regard, the masses do not see the relevance of doing business with an accredited travel agent anymore.
In this article, I will tell you what are the benefits of using a travel agent.

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  1. All-time contact. Travel agencies as it is usually individually or group of individuals owned, they can be contacted 24/7 in relation to your flight tickets or as and when anything comes up with your travel.
  2. Flight Options. Travel agents/Consultants take their time to search, and give many flight or travel options for a trip to customers or potential customers on the go. Travel agents in other hand have a lot of travel information and access to many travel deals, and platforms which enables the customer to have many options to choose from for their comfort.
  3. Client-end protection. Customers in return receives a queenly treatment and protection from Travel agents. All these benefits because, the agent wants to maintain and keep the customers.
  4. Payments on Installments. Travel agents provide a certain scheme for their loyal customers which in a long round keeps them in business. Sometimes, customers may need to make a trip but may not be up with the full resources. Being a loyal customer, you can be allowed to pay for your flight or trip expenses on installments.
  5. One-on-One interactions. Even though, most of the services can be done via online in terms of communication. thus, the phone, e-mails, social media etc. It is sometimes necessary to physically speak with the agent or a representative. Having or dealing with an agent, you can have someone to speak face to face all the time. You can always walk to his/her office.
  6. Hassle-free. A travel agent or consultant have him/herself manning the research or search whilst the customer seats and relax for the good deal. In other words, the Travel agent does all the work so client save on time and money on search for travel requirements.
  7. Expert Advice. The client gets an expert advice pertaining to the travel from travel agent.
  8. Fare rules well explained. Some fare rules if not all and other information with respect to travel are very cumbersome to understand. The travel agent can explain better these information to the customer. These information are but not limited to changes, fare, and cancellations rules.
  9. The Travel agent capitalizes on the customer’s feedback by making a follow up directly on the customer’s travel experience to help give better options and services next time.

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In conclusion, choosing an accredited travel agent helps the customer to save a lot of time and money. A customer should be mindful of the travel agent he/she is choosing for his/her travels.




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