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The Mole National Park Experience

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To fulfill my vow to visit all the travel destinations in Ghana and beyond, I made a trip to Mole National Park and its environment in the Savannah Region of Ghana. Thanks to Phils travel services for the wonderful tour itinerary. The tour was very amazing as Phils has a lot to offer for everyone. This trip is dubbed The Mole National Park Experience

Asime Ghana

My journey started from Kumasi via Accra on Africa World Airlines with 3 other colleagues who also love traveling. We left by flight from Kumasi to Accra, And then from Accra to Tamale. Talking about Africa World Airlines services in a minute, I was offered the best of services. The staff acted professionally right from Kumasi Airport through to Tamale. The cabin crews from Kumasi were amazing too.

The only challenge I had was when I got to Tamale and realized my checked-in bag didn’t reach there with me on the same flight. And I was made to understand that, the aircraft have exceeded its allowable weight so I had to wait for it on the next flight.

Before the trip, I had booked a car that could take us from Tamale Airport to Mole National Park. So, as soon as I got my bags, we boarded the car and it took us straight to Mole. On our way, we made a city tour, thanks to our driver James. I didn’t know Tamale have such rich culture.



Tamale City Tour

If you need a driver to take you around Tamale and its environs, contact Phils Travel Services.

So finally in two and a half hours drive, we got to Mole National Park. We were a bit late though. We got into the hotel rooms that we had already reserved right at the Park. Are you wondering where to lodge when you get to Mole and its environs? just contact Phils Travel Services, they will sort you out.

The following day, we booked a drive Safari to the forest to watch some animals. I nearly fainted when I saw a baby elephant. The elephant was so huge and I could not believe that elephant was a baby. Our tour guide Hakim was very nice to us. Alongside, he talked about some plants, trees, and birds. He perfectly cited the history and the norms, and stories about the National Park. We made two (2) hours journeys, looking forward to seeing a lot of animals in the park. But unfortunately, we couldn’t see a lot. We were told due to the season, the animals have traveled far to look for food and water. Yeah, so we only saw a few elephants, antelopes, and a lot of bush backs, a few different kinds of monkeys. We were made to understand both Nocturnal and Diurnal Animals exist in the Park. I promised to do a night Safari the next time I visit the Park to experience the Diurnal Animals.

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Asime Ghana


After the forest drive, we continued to Mognori. At Mognori, we did a canoe Safari on a river. We did enjoy the canoe riding as I was the lead man peddling the canoe. But due to the language barrier, we couldn’t have meaningful communication with the tour guide. We hardly understand their language and vice versa. We managed to do sign languages and communicated in a way that we both understood each other. As we cruise, we saw footprints of crocodiles at the river bank.

Okay, in about 20 to 30 minutes, we finish the canoe safari and then got back to the village of Mognori. We had planned to see how shea butter is produced. But unfortunately, the Shea fruits were out of stock, and out of season. So, the shea butter production was on hold. So we only saw the woman who normally produces the shea butter in large quantities, producing a small amount. It was the initial stage where she was pounding the nuts. We couldn’t see how it was done due to limited time.

Upon getting back to Mole, we had great swimming, the swimming was the next activity on our itinerary. We swam for a very long time and had even forgotten that we have a flight to catch. After swimming, we had our lunch. You can’t visit Tamale without eating Guinea fowls. We left for Tamale for our flights to Kumasi, so that has been a journey so far that we have had with Phils Travel Services. Phils Travel Services, one of the best travel services providers, or travel agencies in Kumasi, and Ghana as a whole.

We journeyed back to Kumasi by enjoying the same wonderful service from Africa World Airlines.

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