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A day Tour to Takoradi

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I had the feeling to visit Takoradi in the western region of Ghana as part of my ‘visits around Ghana’. So I made my flight reservations for Africa world airlines for 20th – 21st July 2019.

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The tour started right from Kumasi airport. Our flight which was scheduled to take off at 1010hrs actually took off at 1021hrs. During the flight, I together with my girlfriend took some pictures onboard. The flight which was to use 30mins and 40mins maximum actually used 26mins as the weather was favorable. But about 4-5mins climbing to 15,000ft, the weather was very bumpy. My girlfriend’s heart nearly jumped out. Cruising at 15,000ft, the rest of the flight was smooth.



We are to transit in Accra so right after landing in Accra, we proceeded to the transit gate for the Takoradi flight. En route to Takoradi, the flight was smoother as compared to that of Kumasi to Accra.

In Takoradi finally, we left by Taxi for Africa Beach Hotel for a sight-see. The driver was very cool and good. He was very jovial but do not play with his time. He always comes on time whenever we call him to.

There at Africa beach hotel, was so lovely that customers wouldn’t love to leave. The hotel has a lot to offer like the Beach right adjacent, a real feel of the sea/ocean, a spacious swimming pool for both children and adults, a greeny environment, and above all perfect customer service personnel. What amazed me about Africa beach hotel was that only men that are waiters for a reason I don’t know. We had a good time also by visiting the beach just below and adjacent to the hotel. We took some pictures and videos too. We saw crabs very black in color along the shores.

Right from the Africa beach hotel, we left for Air force Guest where we booked to spend the night. The guest house is also something much to talk about. They have spacious rooms for different affordable prices. The guest house has 24/7 flowing tap water and electricity. The place is very ideal for those who dislike very noisy areas. But what I didn’t like about the guest house is that there’s no restaurant or bar nor do they sell drinking water. So customers have to buy their food and water on their way to the guest house. Our night at the guest house was superb and sound.

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On our departure day, we got to the airport, checked in, and flew along the coast to Accra and then finally to Kumasi. Whilst we cruise, we took some wonderful pictures, and to my surprise, I saw a rainbow just below us in the crowd. I was so happy to see that.

This is how we enjoyed our Takoradi Tour.

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