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Mabbina Park caught me in their web

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Mabbina Park caught me in their web this time around.

Asime Ghana

A friend recommended Mabina Park to me as one of the Adventurous and Physique activities destinations one can find him/herself.

And as part of my agenda to tour all the travel destinations in Ghana, I accepted the challenge to visit Mabbina Park.

The Park started its official operation in March 2017.



As I got to the Park, I together with my colleagues was welcomed by the curator/guide, Franklin, A. K. A Dewormer. Dewormer gave us all the necessary instructions, Policies, and Safety procedures for the edifice.

We were given a team vest to differentiate my team from my opponent.

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At Mabbina Park, there are so many activities that you can do which include but are not limited to Mobile Slides with Swimming Pool, Archery Bow and Arrow, Obstacle Courses, Wall Climbing, 5 side Soccer, Ball Balance, Building a Pin line, Busy Penalty, Tug of Peace, and many more.

We started with the Obstacle Course and ended it with the Slides with Swimming. I felt these activities are good for everyday practice. During the course, I got very tired along the line even though I only did a quarter of the race.

My team was leading but when I got to the maze net, I missed my route. Our opponent managed to catch me up but that did not discourage me. I kept pushing hard until I handed over the baton to the next in line. She really did well. She gave a long-distance gap to our opponent which they couldn’t catch up.

Asime Ghana

We maintained this momentum until we emerged first in position. We did the second part of the course and also as a winner.

We then continued with the other activities but my bad, I couldn’t do well in the Archery Bow and Arrow. With the Wall Climbing, even though I was a bit scared, I gathered all my courage and completed it. It was scary but very adventurous and enjoyable.

I didn’t forget to do the rest of the games.

My general experience at Mabbina was awesome. I highly recommend the Park to everyone whether an introvert or extrovert. You can’t keep idle when you get to there.

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Asime Ghana