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The Bunso Eco Park Adventure Experience

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Hi guys.

Asime Ghana

I have been yearning for so long to visit Bunso Eco Park. Do you know why? It’s because I love nature. Nature has been part of me since birth. So anything nature I would love to explore. I have introduced been to Bunso Eco Park some months ago. And then I said to myself, I need to visit Bunso Echo Park. And yes, I did and dubbed it Bunso Eco Park Adventure Experience.

So I organize one or two friends and then we had our way there to the destination. At the destination, there are so many activities that you can undertake as well as the facilities that will accommodate all your activities.





First, to talk about, I had a very great experience during their canopy walkway. And this has been the third canopy walkway in Ghana I have ever known and tried so far. I was a bit scared of how secured the facilities will be but upon climbing the set of the Canopy Walkway, I realized the structures were very strong and not old.

The Canopy Walkway is not too high and it is not too low which enables everybody including those who are scared of height to have such an experience.

Secondly, I had a great time doing horseback riding. And you know what? I was privileged to ride on Kuukua, one of the female horses. And that is her name. Kuukua has been gentle and cool to me even though I was so scared as that was my first time riding on horseback. I really love that experience.

I had a great time also doing their zipline Session. In fact, I saw people doing it and I was very happy for them. I couldn’t wait to be my turn. It was finally my turn. I was dressed in the necessary gear by the guides. I started the Zipline journey. In fact, I was like wow, I haven’t had this kind of experience before. I enjoyed cruising from one end to another.

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I recommend this place to everyone. Adventure lovers, nature lovers, and everyone to visit Bunso Eco Park for a great and seamless experience like what I had. You will never regret visiting this destination.

Asime Ghana

Let’s tour Ghana and make Ghana proud.

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Asime Ghana