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Nzulezo, the stilt village

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Nzulezo, Nzulezo the stilt village, which in Nzema language means water surface is said to in existence for about 600 years now since settlement took place in the 15th century. Nzulezo is located near the village of Beyin roughly 90km west of Takoradi in the Jomoro District of the western region of Ghana.

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The people of Nzulezo are said to originate from Walata-Mauritania. The people of Nzulezo have to settle on water after following a snail which they claim to be the gods that lead them from Mauritania after some misunderstanding between them and the Senegalese who want to join them in mining.

Nzulezu is built on Lake Tadane where their buildings are made of sticks and wood only. They are best known for their agriculture and fishery.



The population of the people of Nzulezu is about 450. Every inhabitant is said to have a canoe. Nzulezu being one of the ancient settlements on stilts and platforms left in the world, there is a preserved wealth of traditions connected with the cult of the lake. Thursdays are a day sacred to the lake and it is forbidden to use and work on the lake throughout the day on Thursday.

The village can be reached via canoe. The route which crosses the rainforest takes about an hour and 5 km away. In the village, there is a church, a guesthouse, and a school.

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Currently, Nzulezo has a network reception problem, bad water sanitation, lack of teachers as well since teachers are scared to take the risk of reaching the village via canoe every day. As the village is isolated, Nzulezo suffers from numerous health problems including the vast spread of malaria.

And lack hospital as well. They have access to electric power so they do get access to news broadcasting among others. Having been there is a great experience since one will know and feel how habiting on water/lake is possible. On our way to the village from the dock at Beyin, the canoe riding is something I will never forget since I’ve really enjoyed it.

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