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My South Africa experience – part 1

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My journey started at the airport where I had issues with my yellow card but all was settled with the help of my colleagues, our flight left for Johannesburg from Lagos at 22:15pm.
Being my first time of traveling out of Nigeria and boarding a plane was a bit scary.

Asime Ghana

Whenever the plane shakes or hit turbulence all I did was pray. This happened till I got to O. R. Tambo airport.

At the airport we met our Ghanaian brothers and sisters and also our tour guide for our first destination; Zebula Spa and resort in Bela-Bela in the Limpopo Province.

We all welcomed and introduced ourselves and made our way to Zebula Spa and resort in the Limpopo province. On our way, we made a stop at Wimpy restaurant to have breakfast, after which we continued our journey to Limpopo. During our journey we were given a brief history of South Africa in general which you will read below.

We finally got to Zebula Spa and resort where we had a lovely spa session and dinner under the stars for the first day after which we retired to our various houses at the lodge. At the dinner, we had great local dancers who lit up the atmosphere with their skillful dance.


The second day, we had our breakfast at Zebula resort, after which we did the treasure hunt which included various games like running, volley ball (which team Ghana won against Team Nigeria), bike ride (for the bike ride I have never rode a bike before, I was so scared and could not just wait for the session to be over).


After the treasure hunt we went back to our apartment to freshen up, had our some salads for lunch in our various rooms and then we had our dinner at the resort.

Personally, I found it difficult to eat South Africa meals but with the help of Yaaji (powdered pepper) and Shito from team Ghana, I was able to manage it.


The third day we departed our hotel early for the hot air balloon which was fantastic with great views after which we had breakfast and left for the airport to our next tour destination at Durban

Asime Ghana


South Africa has a population of 56 million people with 11 (eleven) official languages Afrikaans, English, Ndebele, Pedi, Sotho, Swati, Tsonga, Tswana, Venda, Xhosa and Zulu.

South Africa has four capital cities, Cape Town, Pretoria, Bloemfontein and Johannesburg.

Pretoria is the administrative capital this is where the day to day running of the country takes place and the office of the president also situated there.

Johannesburg is a financial capital due to the discovery of gold in1886.

Bloemfontein is South Africa judiciary capital, the supreme court of the country are situated in Bloemfontein.

Cape Town is the legislative capital, the national parliament seats right in Cape Town. Historically, it has already been proven that early inhabitants of these territory are Africans.

The first and oldest city of the town is called Kimberly, this is due to the discovery of diamonds in1865 by Cecil Rhodes British pioneers.

After discovery diamonds in Kimberly, a lot of people started moving to the area looking for minerals, work, diamonds, life etc. that they may do surrounding the diamond mine.

Kimberly is rated as the most unplanned city in the world.

In September 1886, George Harrison discovered the first gold in the Witwatersrand area. Due to the discovery of gold by George, again people started to flock into this area looking for minerals, life, work, gold.

There are 9 provinces in South Africa which include Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, North West, Free State, Kwazulu-Natal, Gauteng, Limpopo and Mpumalanga.

Thanks to Charles Ncube; our tour guide.


…Patricia Adebiyi (SA Specialist)

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Asime Ghana