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My ordeal at Kakum Canopy Walkway

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My ordeal at Kakum Canopy Walkway

I could hear the clock ticking as I could not go deep into sleep. Soon my alarm sounded, it was hard for me to wake up because of the previous day preparations but I had no choice than to wake up.
All was set and off we left for Kakum National Park. On our way, we made about two stops to get some more personal stuff as we will be spending more days to experience Cape Coast very well. We arrived at Kakum National Park around 10:00am on 21st February 2020.

We were then welcomed by our tour guide who briefed us about the park in general and more on the canopy walkway.
We later headed to the canopy walkway. Upon reaching the canopy after a few minutes walk from the reception, I decided not to walk on canopy again. In fact, I was so scared to do so after seeing how the canopy swings when people were walking on it.

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The canopy has been made of strong nets as braces and wooden pallets as the ground on which one walks. The nets were laid from one tree to another at a certain height. The canopy is in two folds; one has 7 laps whilst the other has just three.

The 7 laps is for the courageous who wants to experience more whilst the three (3) laps are for us or me who cannot withstand nightmares. Lol!.
I ended up using the 7 laps with the aid of my colleagues.



In the actual sense, it takes one up to 10mins to finish all the 7 laps but I was able to confidently use 25 minutes as I was so scared. I did my best right?
It didn’t end there, I had to sit down at the finishing point for a couple of minutes before I was able to descend to the reception. Right at the reception are the artifacts and gift shop where all kinds of African artifacts are being sold. I got some for myself and my boyfriend.

After, we had our lunch break and then left for Hans cottage which is not too far from Kakum National Park. Walking through the pavement of the canopy walkway is a very nice experience but I was a little nervous as this was my first time. We had a nice and passionate crew, I would recommend this place to you and if you do, You will see excitement!!!

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