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My Motor ride session at Zebula Golf Estate and Spa in SA

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Basically, there are so many activities you can undertake right at Zebula Golf Estate and Spa.
As part of our SA tour which was organized by South Africa Tourism (SAT), we decided to explore all these activities which include but not limited to Motorbike riding, a Spa session, Paintball shooting, mini zoo exploring, Cycling, volleyball playing, Gulf playing, swimming, etc

Asime Ghana

Watch the video below

That faithful day, we decided to do motorbike riding. As that was some of us our first time, we were kind of nervous but after a briefing from the tour guide, everything was perfect.
We had to, first of all, protect ourselves so we got our helmets with a rubber head gears and then made sure it fit our heads very well.
We headed to the parking lot and grabbed the motorbikes, had a second briefing and then off we went for the hiking.

It was so amazing that, I even wanted not to stop riding until my fuel got finished. Enroute, we came across so many wildlife including giraffe, violet monkeys and among others. One thing I liked about the hiking was that we were guided throughout. The motorbikes were easy to ride. All you need is to ignite it and push the accelerator button to keep moving. We had all the funs and took some pictures.

For safety reasons, a rider must not take selfies whiles riding. Even though some of us took the risk, it is not advisable. Do not try if you’re too nervous.

Watch the video below. Cheers!!!

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Asime Ghana