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Hans cottage and crocodile pond

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Hans Cottage and Crocodile Pond

Hans cottage botel is located in cape coast, the central part of Ghana. It is a notable tourist destination of the country that spells out the friendly hospitable relation that exists between humans and the crocodiles. Hans’ cottage botel is ideally located on the countryside, outskirt of cape coast carved out of the woods for serenity and comfort. Crocodiles and species of birds can be found at Hans’ cottage botel. The crocodiles live in a man-made lake made by Hanson.

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The man-made lake offers boat riding as well. Hans cottage botel also offers hotel accommodations, restaurants and bar services, conference rooms, swimming pool, etc. Hans’ cottage botel is a nice and serene environment to stay and have fun and enjoyment. Enjoyment of boat riding, crocodile watching, birds watching, etc. The dangerous aspect of having fun out there is riding the boat without life jackets and also facing the crocodiles when approaching them. But apart from those notable dangers, it is fun and amazing to live at Hans’ cottage botel.



Tourists stand the chance to touch a live crocodile when they are called from the lake. The crocodiles must be touched from behind as it is believed they don’t easily watch behind. But care should be taken when going to touch the crocodiles. The crocodiles can be seen at the bank of the lake or even in the lake when they are swimming to the other bank of the lake. 

Hans Cottage

Visit to Hans’ Cottage

When we got to Hans’ cottage, the tour guide took us around after paying some monies. She called out the crocodiles by whistling in a way and they came out. Upon the crocodiles seeing us and the noise we were making, they left back to the water immediately. The tour guide whistled again but this time around she gave them some fresh chicken so they remained. We had fun by touching the crocodiles from behind. Some were afraid though but mastered the courage to touch it as their colleagues did whilst some couldn’t.

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History about Hans’ Cottage

According to histories, Mr. Hans who is a foreigner bought the land to build his house but traveled back to his country for some holidays after putting up a foundation on the land. He came back only to find out his land was full of water (flooded). He managed to drain away all the water but surprisingly, the place got flooded again the following day. Again he drained but this time around, he found crocodiles in it. He decided to enlarge the foundation to make it wider for the crocodiles to have enough space to roam. Since then, the crocodiles have a unique relationship with humans especially those who work there.

Mr. Hans opened the place to tourists. He then opened a restaurant and sleeping accommodation to those who wish to sleep over the night or have some rest.
In recent times, the management added swimming and cafeteria with other facilities and sporting activities.


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