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Transport Service providers can now operate with full loads

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Earlier this year, all countries have been hit and locked down by Covid-19 pandemic which was believed to have originated from China.

Asime Ghana

In Ghana, transportation service providers have been advised to transport passengers on the basis of practicing social distancing. Which means taxis, mini vans, buses and flights will move with a limited number of passengers.

In the 14th update to the nation by the President on the 26th of July 2020, all transport service providers can now transport passengers with the buses, taxis, mini vans and flights been filled up continuing the usage of face masks and Hand sanitizers.

This has been a great opportunity for the airlines as they can now fully operate with full flights to cover up some debts that they might have incur during the previous crisis.

In addition, he announced that, tourism destinations can now operate and receive tourists with enhanced hygiene protocols. 

Stay behind and safe, as Phils Travel Services will update you on any developing information. 

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Asime Ghana