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Things not to do when on board a plane

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Have you wandered what you can or cannot do when you are on board a plane? You might have no idea but certain things must not be done when inflight. 
Unlike bus or land transportation, you must wear/fasten your seatbelt, keep yourself simple and clear around yourself from any obstacles like your belongings. You might be asking yourself why should I keep myself simple in a flight. There are many reasons to that but the utmost one is for your safety. The aircraft is a mass destruction on it own and poses threats to its passengers when the passengers do what must not be done.

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Let’s look at what musn’t be done when flying in an aircraft as compiled by a cabin crew.

1. Do not Joke/mention about bombs when it’s not true.
2. Do not be too much intoxigated.
3. Do not abuse the flight attendants call-button.
4. Do not keep your carry-on on your lap but in the overhead bin.
5. Do  not keep you hand luggage in the overhead bin of where you aren’t sitting.
6. Do not tune out safety briefings before, during and after the flight.
7. Do not try to open the emergency exists before, during and after the flight.
8. And above all, do not try a new medication for the first time.

These are a few of what not to do when you are in a flight.


…..Yvonne Adzah
(Cabin Crew)

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