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E-commerce in the Travel Industry (e-learning)

About the Course

Wondering how e-commerce has revolutionized the travel industry and how to get on board? Have you already tried to implement e-commerce features but now want to maximize their effectiveness? As an aspiring travel professional, do you want to learn how upcoming e-commerce trends will change the shape of the travel industry? When large Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) are transforming the travel experience through technology, understanding what e-commerce is, how to successfully leverage it, and how to use data to provide a great travel experience becomes crucial for travel professionals.

This course demystifies e-commerce technology and provides in-depth know-how of e-commerce tools, their benefits and limitations, and cost-effective strategies to increase traffic to your website, grow your customer base, and win their loyalty to secure repeat business. You will also get practical, actionable tips and best practices to leverage digital marketing tools and make use of predictive and real-time data analytics


Once you have completed the exam or the duration of the Course elapses, you will not be able to access the course contents.

What You will Learn

Upon completing this Course, you will be able to:

  • Get a historical perspective on the evolution of e-commerce in the travel industry
  • Clarify different mechanisms, tools and technologies associated with e-commerce
  • Evaluate which digital tools and analytics would work best for your business
  • Adapt your website to leverage the different Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking factors and increase customer visits
  • Calculate return on investment on your marketing spend
  • Determine the most important digital marketing success factors for your travel business

Course Contents

The Key Topics Include:

  • Information Technology in the travel industry
  • OTA interfaces
  • E-marketing tools
  • Data analytics methods
  • Web analytics tools
  • Customer acquisition analytics tools
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems
  • Social media marketing tool

Who Should Attend

This course is recommended for:

  • Travel advisors
  • Reservation and sales personnel
  • Tour operators
  • Travel agency operators
  • Travel customer support
Exam Information

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