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Aviation Security Awareness – Cargo, Mail and Catering

About the Course

Security is a concern for everyone in the industry, affecting virtually all areas of operation. Working in or around an airport you have a role in keeping the industry safe and secure. In line with ICAO guidance, any personnel involved in implementing any security measures or who are authorized to have unescorted access to an airside area must receive security awareness training.

This course is tailor-made to your role and will introduce you to the security measures and regulations you need to know whilst working in a cargo or catering environment. This course will provide you with background information about aviation security and practical information regarding handling threats and different security-related tasks, with an introduction to cyber security.


Once you have completed the exam or the duration of the Course elapses, you will not be able to access the course contents.

What You will Learn

Upon completing this Course, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the current threats to civil aviation
  • Relate your security responsibilities to your role
  • Demonstrate good security practices
  • Facilitate a security culture and security incident reporting culture
  • Enhance your company Security Management System (SeMS)

Course Contents

The Key Topics Include:

  • Current threats to the aviation industry
  • Aviation security regulations and the international organizations behind them
  • Security measures for cargo, mail and catering
  • Response and measures to security related incidents
  • How to report security incidents – introducing IATA See It Report It Initiative
  • Introduction to Cyber security

Who Should Attend

This course is recommended for:

  • Persons working in a cargo or catering environment
Exam Information

If you need help studying this course, click here to connect with a Tutor/Expert. The Tutor/Expert will help you by teaching you the ab initio of Aviation, and some aviation terms.

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