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Ghanaian lives in danger

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Greetings to all Ghanaians.

There is this issue that bothers me a lot and wants all Ghanaians to help me solve it. I also want you to help me tell the appropriate offices.

Asime Ghana

I hope we’ve all heard about the terrorist attacks all over the world if not seen? Now measures have been put in place at selected areas in our country Ghana especially our various airports when we heard that, they (terrorist) are heading to us. It is a nice decision we have taken to protect our air transportation sector for that matter the country Ghana but my utmost question and worry is, what is the ministry of Tourism, roads, and transport together with the government doing about the Land transportation sector? Many land transportation service providers operate in the country but what has been done to protect the passengers onboard the buses? I want to know if the land transportation sectors are not vulnerable to these threats, or should it happen on our major and minor roads before we take the necessary actions? Ghana, wake up! For we are still in our slumber.

Mr. President, honorable ministers, and officers in charge, please listen and consider this observation letter of mine as a concerned citizen and a former security agent at Starbow airlines, now as a security officer for Africa World Airlines at Kumasi airport and put measures at our various bus stations or order the responsible entities to do so before we say had we known.




I suggest screening machines like the Walk Through Metal Detectors (WTMD), Hand-Held Metal Detectors (HHMD), Explosive Detection System (EDS), Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) and or Explosive Trace Portal (ETP) should be installed at the various bus stations to thoroughly screen the passengers and their respective bags before boarding the intended bus to avoid any unforeseen hijacks and seizures of the bus with many people onboard as well as to avoid bombing which will claim many lives as it happened in many of our neighboring countries like that of Brussels, Afghan etc. because if any of these happens, I swear that we will never remain safe-minded in this country.
At least one of the afore-mentioned devices should be installed if not all at the bus stations and the security forces like the Police and Militaries takes charge of the rest en-route till the bus reaches its destination safely. Midway checks by the police are very good but not enough.

In conclusion, our lives are in danger and many travels via buses too as compared to aircraft so please, the appropriate entities kindly look at these measures and consider them before-hand.

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Asime Ghana