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AWA launched ‘Bring Ur Kids To Work’

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Africa World Airlines again has done it. They launched a program titled “Bring Ur Kids To Work” which sought all staff of the airlines to bring their kids/children to work for them to witness how their parents operate to protect every passenger that goes onboard.

Asime Ghana

The program took place at every station that AWA flies to in Ghana on Friday 30th August 2019.
Speaking to the station’s manager (Florence Allotey) at Kumasi Airport, she confirmed the following the agenda and activities, Viz

  1. Arrival of the Kids.
  2. Introduction of the Kids by their parents
  3. Music and dance
  4. Drinking and Dinning
  5. Entry into the Aircraft by observing all security procedures
  6. Picture taking with the Pilots and the cabin crew
  7. Music and dance with Pizza party.


Again, the station’s manager was excited to see the kids in their numbers.

I thought it’s only the station’s manager who likes kids but alas, every staff love kids too as many were seen hugging and taking pictures with the kids.

The program eventually came to an end by leaving every kid present happy and some even don’t want to go back home.

After all, one of the kids gave an appreciation and thanks to AWA for their kind gestures about kids.

Watch the video below and please share!!!

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Asime Ghana