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AWA extends WOW Promo to Wa

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AWA launched a promo late last year dubbed WOW Wednesday which gives a very attractive discount on flight tickets from Kumasi to Accra and back to Kumasi at 98gh. Early this year, they upgraded it to WOW PLUS which was 99gh each way from Kumasi to Takoradi and Tamale and vice versa. Not too long, Nigerians or Nigeria travelers also benefited from WOW PLUS at 999ghs from Accra.

Asime Ghana

In the first week of September this year, AWA announced its intentions to fly to Wa in the Upper West Region. On 14th October, they made their flight test to Wa as scheduled and on the 15th of October, they made the first flight to Wa via Tamale.

On Wednesday 16th October, AWA announced on their social handles the extension of the WOW Promo to Wa. For Tamale to Wa route costs 49gh each way and 149gh from Kumasi, Accra, and Takoradi to Wa routes each way. This initiative will ease access to Wa and its environs.

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Asime Ghana