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9 Top Activities at Adomi Bridge

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What you can do at Adomi bridge Ghana

Adomi bridge is well known to be one of the landmarks in Atimpoku in the Eastern region of Ghana.
Adomi Bridge with length 334m crosses the lake Volta and connects Eastern to the Volta region and other parts of the country. The bridge was completed in the year 1957 by then Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s government.

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It is will be recalled that, all over the news some decades ago, Ex-President, Flt. Jerry John Rawlings passed beneath a bridge with a helicopter. This is the same bridge he passed beneath.  This is wonderful.

Countless things you could do at the bridge site which few will be talked about.  I always do these things over and over again without getting tired or bored anytime I pay a visit to the bridge site.



Without wasting much time, let’s look at what you can’t afford to miss to do when you visit the bridge site

  1. Long stretched bridge view. Standing at any angle around the bridge, you can have a stretchy view of the bridge.
  2. Lake Volta. Lake Volta is the longest man-made lake in Africa. Having access to the bridge brings you closer to Lake Volta.
  3. Fish Spying. The well-known fish many people know about is Tilapia, Redfish and cassava and mad fish. But do you know we have many varieties of fishes in the Lake Volta? I guess you know not. You’ll see so many fishes including but not limited to original and fresh Tilapia, Catfish, mad fish, Redfish, etc. and our very own one-man thousand.
  4. Fishing skills. All of us like nice and big fish on our meals but do we know how those fishes were fished? Obviously, no. Due to the fresh and cold weather beneath the Adomi bridge, most fishermen prefer to cast their net around that location. The most interesting one is how one-man thousand is fished. You’ll love the skills and morals.
  5. Exposed to local foods. Any time I announce my visit to Atimpoku or Akosombo, I get so many orders for Abolo, fried one-man thousand, Lobsters, Oysters, Turkey tail or Chofi (commonly known), local bread, white kenkey, fried fish (different varieties) and many more. You will have the chance to taste each of them if you want to.
  6. Bar and Restaurants. You cannot leave Adomi Bridge without paying a visit to Born Again Afrikan Ghana Soul Food. A serene environment adjacent to the bridge and right at the bank of Lake Volta. Local and continental dishes are served. Born Again Afrikan Ghana Soul Food does not sell only foods but has a spacious pitch for games like hiking, football, volleyball, mobile swimming pool for both children and adults.
  7. Canoe cruising. You might have the feeling to cruise on the Lake Volta with canoes, jet skis and boats. But let me tell you something, the most enjoyable one is the canoe. Yes, the canoe because, you’ll have the chance to paddle the pedals yourself if you want to. The local tour guide will educate you on how to do it. Need to try one? Contact us for the arrangement and package.
  8. Walking on the bridge. You might pass on the long stretch in a vehicle so you don’t know how it feels to walk on it. There’s a great difference when compared to walking on a normal stretched road. You got to feel the awesome swing when a heavy-like vehicle passes. You will also feel the echoing sound when you shout or when a car blows a soft horn.
  9. Last but not the least, you’ll see archipelago for the first time. Standing at the middle of the bridge, you’ll see many islands in the middle of the lake where some even stretches to other banks of the lake.

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