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The program is designed to offer comprehensive job placement for skilled and unskilled candidates who qualify in various fields of endeavor and categories, in Poland. This program comes with job placement, accommodation and other benefits due to an employee according to Poland employment law.

• Obtain Schengen Work permit and air tickets

• 40-55 days of processing.

• Salary from euro 600 per month (GHC 3,400 – 4,000)

• Accommodation inclusive

• 11months contract renewable for another 11 months

• Medical & insurance a per Poland labor law

• Leave benefit/overtime- 20 days per years

• Local transportation –not provided, work place is close to accommodation

Automotive factory workers; supermarket workers, Car Plant Job in Agriculture; Manufacture of advertising shied; construction; Straw production, etc

• Other categories; include teacher, nurse and skilled labor, etc



1. Placement form filled at our office (Ghc 200 at the office)

2. Copy of passport (data page)

3. CV/resume

4. Photographs (full size and passport size)

7. Medical report.

But you can register while preparing the other documents.

1. All candidate are to submit all documents with registration fees for evaluation and job placement

2. Upon obtaining the job offer and placement, the candidate will pay the processing fee of 2,500gh for the work permit, visa, and medicals, and later pay the rest.

3. Upon obtaining the work permit and other supporting documentation, the candidate will travel to Poland embassy in Nigeria for visa submission, which will be accompanied by our staff via road or flight (optional)

4. Upon obtaining the visa, the client will depart from Accra to Poland accompanying by our staff.

Accommodation is provided by the employer, with amenities from 2 to 4 in a room maximum

Trip to Poland embassy in Nigeria

Option 1: by road, a trip in a bus will arrange in a group for submission and all hotel and client comfort is guaranteed (2 -3 days). (Ghc 700-1000), born by the applicant.

Option 2: by air, a trip in flight will arrange in a group for submission and client comfort is guaranteed ( 1 day ). (Ghc 1800-2000), born by the applicant.



Total package cost Ghc 15, 000 only but initial payment of Ghc 2,500 and after the work visa and other documents are ready, the clients pays the balance.

Initial payment

Initial payment include, work permit, visa fees and medical fees borne by the clients

SHEDIKE International recruitment and job placement need to be paid through the designated bank or mobile money.


NOTE: bank slip should be summited to the partner agency or scan and send to this e-mail address. Or add your name as reference when making Mobile money payment and email the transaction ID. Upon confirmation from the accounts office, e-receipt will be issued.


For enquiries and registration

Tel: 0572413069




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